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Hallo und herzlich willkommen bei Teach IT! Dem Podcast für Sprachtrainer*in und alle die es werden wollen.  
Hello and welcome at Teach it! The podcast for language trainers and everyone who wants to become one. 

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In this episode I will be talking about books for your ESL career and for your class usage!

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Teach It! Episode 14 - How to teach vocabulary

Which tools and techniques to use!

2021-08-02 20 min

In this week's episode, you will find out about the ways you can teach vocabulary effectively!

Teach It! Episode 13 - How to teach grammar

Learn what methods there are!

2021-07-26 20 min

In this episode, you will learn how to teach grammar effectively.

Teach It! Episode 12 - Why language apps won't help you speak

What language apps are actually good for!

2021-07-19 15 min

In this episode, you will find out why language apps won't help you speak and what they are actually good for.


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